The sun has been out this weekend and the weathermen are once again promising us that the warmer weather is coming. Whether we believe them or not, this will be a good time to utilise harvested rainwater to water your garden and the contents of your greenhouse. Rainwater is so much better for the plants and flowers than tap water as it is relatively pure and free from toxins, so your garden will flourish.

Simply put, rainwater harvesting is the storing of rainwater during wet weather for the purpose of using it during periods of warmer weather, when water may be in short supply. As people are becoming more environmentally responsible, rain water harvesting is gaining popularity. Rain water comes for free and can be collected and stored, instead of letting it run off, so it can be used as an alternative to back up the main water supply during dry spells and it is a brilliant way of lessening your carbon footprint.

Elite Titan 800 with rainwater collection kit
Elite Titan 800 with rainwater collection kit

To harvest the rain from your greenhouse, the water needs to be intercepted in its flow towards the floor; the gutters on your aluminium greenhouse are built to do this. The water then flows through the PVC pipes and reaches the barrel or storage tank. The harvested water can then be used in the garden directly from these containers without being purified or filtered.

At Elite we manufacture and sell rainwater collection kits that are compatible with our unique half round integral gutter system. Where the greenhouse has two gutters; to eradicate the need for more than one barrel, a traverse pipe is placed along the rear of the greenhouse, so both gutters can be connected to one outlet which in turn runs into a single barrel for collection and storage. Installing any of Elite’s rainwater kits doesn’t take long and is very cost effective. Where a bespoke system is required, we have a range of fittings and attachments available so you can tailor a rainwater collection system to your specifications.

As we have seen, there are a number of very good reasons why collecting rainwater makes sense; from doing your part in protecting the environment to saving money on bills and having access to water in times of scarcity. Getting started takes no time at all and doesn’t cost much so why not get yourself organised now? To find details of your closest agent, give us a ring on 01204 791488. Your garden, your bank account and the environment will all be so much better off for it!