Most people have limited space in their garden and therefore limited space in their greenhouse, so making the most of every inch is vital and clever use of storage can help you with this. Here are some practical ideas to ensure your greenhouse is the most functional space it can be and is a pleasure to work in:


Shelving is a great way to make full use of the vertical space in your greenhouse. They are the simplest way to store all your tools and equipment and the slatted design allows light to permeate, air to circulate and excess water to drain away easily. Functionality is the primary consideration but at Elite we like to consider the aesthetic aspect of the shelving too; shelving can be powder coated to match or contrast with the colour of your greenhouse.

Potting bench

Where space permits, add a potting bench to your greenhouse so all your tools and equipment are close to you whilst you work. Having a potting bench indoors will allow you to garden in all weather.

Elite Greenhouses' handy tool rack
Elite Greenhouses’ handy tool rack


Staging is popular with gardeners as it provides plenty of surface area for storing seedlings and plants. At Elite we can supply purpose-built staging in a variety of widths and lengths. Our Diamond staging has no visible legs, allowing for additional storage beneath.

Hooks and hanging

Make good use of space by fixing hooks to the frame in your greenhouse. Hang small tools, watering cans or use the space to hang a drying rack for herbs. Elite’s handy tool rack can easily be attached to a glazing bar and can be powder coated to match your greenhouse in a range of colours. It keeps your tools off the floor and your greenhouse neat and tidy.

Now you’ve emptied, planned and tidied your greenhouse to create a well organised space. Keep the things you use regularly in one place, and you won’t waste precious time hunting for them. Happy gardening!