Elite’s aluminium series of shelves come in easy to assemble kit form and will not rust, rot or deteriorate in humid greenhouse conditions. A greenhouse can be maximised into a well-equipped area for growth and display though placing shelves above staging units to increase your workable area.

Any material, for example timber, aluminium, steel, can sit safely on top of the bracket up to 10” wide. The brackets are supplied in pairs and include all fittings.

This ridged extruded aluminium shelf, which comes complete with fittings, is extremely strong and robust and when bolted to the side or end of the greenhouse, forms an integral part of the building providing additional frame strength as well as a useful practical area.

Pack size: 1 (fittings included)

Length Width No of Shelf Brackets
4’2” 6” 3 / shelf”
6’2” 6” 4 / shelf
8’2” 6” 6 / shelf

Made from extruded aluminium for a stronger and thicker material, this shelf has been designed specifically for an Elite product, be it a greenhouse or lean-to. The shelving can be adjusted to any height required within the greenhouse and is built with a slatted design, allowing for extra ventilation to any produce placed on the work surface, and ideal for fluid drainage compared with the traditional solid shelf.

The diamond shelf has been tailored to the Elite framework, hence accommodating the diagonal braces within the building which do not need removing and thus allowing for the first time a shelf which can fill the full width or length of your greenhouse.

The shelves can be combined to make longer lengths.

Pack size: 1 (fittings included)

2 Slats (7 1/2”)
from the glass 8 1/2”
3 Slats (11”)
from the glass 12 1/4”
4’ long 6’ long 8’ long 4’ long 6’ long 8’ Long
Combined to make longer lengths Combined to make longer lengths

The aluminium is formed into a tray which sits on top of alloy brackets and can be flat or inverted, depending on use and includes drainage points at each corner.

Pack size: 2 (fittings included)

Length Width No of Shelf Brackets
3’1”(37”) 10” 2 / shelf”
3’11”(47”) 10” 3 / shelf
5’0”(60”) 10” 3 / shelf

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