Depending upon your growing intentions ventilation is a major player in a successful greenhouse experience.

Elite include at least one manual roof vent as standard on every greenhouse and lean-to (with the exception of the Window Garden and 2’ long R-type).

The larger the greenhouse the more vents are included and, depending upon what the greenhouse is going to be used for, additional ventilation
can be purchased.

An excellent accessory is a Louvre window. Elite offer a 5 blade and 10 blade Louvre (the 10 blade is available only on the Elite Titan range) and both are glazed with toughened safety glass as standard and aluminium or polycarbonate blades are also an option.

Here is a video with details of the 5 Blade Louvre:

Humid and stagnant air can cause condensation and develops disease and mould in plants. By adding a Louvre on the side or
rear of your Elite building, fresh air is drawn in and encouraged to circulate from different levels.

And here is a video with details of the 10 Blade Louvre:

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