Over exposure to the sun, especially if the roof section is south facing, can often scorch leaves. The netting attaches to the inside of the framework to allow a roof vent to reduce the greenhouse temperature and provides a good shade system for plants through dissipating the sun’s rays, thus preventing burning.

Each kit is 20’ x 6’ and comes complete with Lining Hooks.

Insulation extends plant life and can enable earlier propagation of plants, especially during the winter months when growth is much slower and frost protection is crucial. Each kit is 30’ x 2’5” and comes complete with fittings to attach the UVI treated insulation to the framework and is guaranteed for 5 years against discolouration. Elite recommend that if you do insulate your greenhouse, an allowance for ventilation is required to prevent damping off and the formation of disease. Comes complete with Lining Hooks.

Allow breathability and reduces condensation when used with the lining hooks to create a 1” air gap between the lining material and the greenhouse glass.

Pack size: 6

Easily secured into the roof, these useful hooks provide a means to attach lightweight supports for plant development such as tomato strings.

Pack size: 6

Used to attach lining such as bubble plastic or netting to the inside framework. The plug is pushed through the lining material and then twisted and locked into position in the glazing bar.

Pack size: 10 or 30

Used for fixing bubble plastic, these heavy duty clips combine Elite’s lining hooks and spacers as one which attaches to the greenhouse whilst creating an air gap.

Pack size: 10



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