Elite Greenhouse matting provides a soft step by flexing gently and cushions footsteps and the pliable vinyl provides protection against breakage of items that would shatter if dropped on a concrete surface.

Each tile is 300mm x 300mm and easily clicks together to form any length, width or shape you need.
The matting is lightweight and has a high resistance to extreme temperatures.

The matting will not split, crack, warp or discolour and is resistant to oils, detergents, mould and mildew.

Size options:

Wide 2′ and 3′
Long 4′, 6′ and 8′

Colour options:

  • Black,
  • Graphite,
  • Green,
  • Brown.

(Individual tiles are available for non-standard lengths and widths)

Create a walkway in seconds. Each track consists of 24 panels connected by sturdy link pins to create a three metre long path which allows safe and easy passage over muddy terrain and gravel.

If you have any queries or questions talk to one
of our helpful team on 01204 791488.