Automation of both roof and side Louvre vents are an excellent and hugely popular choice with customers. Offering peace of mind when you are at work or on holiday, ventilation is provided automatically via a solar powered wax cylinder which opens or closes the vent when the temperature inside the greenhouse reaches a certain level.

Replacement cylinders are available for the Elite Automatic, Bayliss XL & MK7.

An automatic mechanism is also available for the 5 and 10 blade Louvre.

Designed primarily for heavy duty roof vents, such as the Elite GX series, as it is designed for raising heavier frames and offers a maximum 12” opening range.

Its 12” opening fits closely and neatly to the glass which is ideal for greenhouses where headroom is limited such as Elite’s Easygrow lean-to range.

The Elite automatic is our best seller. Not only is it sturdy, it completely opens the vent to 18” allowing maximum ventilation to protect your hard work. No drilling required and with its universal fitting makes it compatible with most industry models.

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