Small Fittings

Grow Hook

The grow hooks are easily secured into the roof.  There are two functions of this hook.  The built in cable hook allows easy access to run an eclectic gable to run the length of the greenhouse so to allow lighting for example.  The second function provides a means to attach string to attach lightweight supports for plant development such as tomato / cucumber string

Pack size: 6

Nut Caps

For a more professional finish, these nut covers are used in conjunction with powder coated products and effectively hide the bolt heads. Available in Green, Black, White and Graphite.

Pack size: 50

Wall Straighteners

These useful spacers are available in thickness from 1mm to 5mm and are used when the aluminium frame, and the floor or wall that it adjoins, are not compatible. Additionally, they can also be used with silicone.

Repair Pack

A selection of parts often required for repairing damaged sections or spares for misplaced items. The pack contains 6 full headed and 6 crop headed nuts and bolts, 6 wire clips, 6 spring

Overlap Clips

For ease of installation of overlapping glass, this aluminium clip has the flexibility of allowing for glass tolerance as it is only preformed at one end therefore allowing for adjustment by hand during the greenhouse glazing process.

Pack size: 15, 50 or 500

Pre Formed Overlap Clips

A stainless steel overlap clip with a pre-formed top and bottom allowing the glass to overlap by 3/8”.

Pack size: 15

Spring Clips

These rust free stainless steel clips hold the glass firmly against the glazing bar.

Pack size: 15, 50 or 500

Wire Clips

Finished in stainless steel, the butterfly shaped wire clip attaches to the side of the glass ensuring a tight, flush fit against the glazing bar.

Pack size: 15, 50 or 500

Nuts & Bolts

Elite only use high tensile nuts and bolts which are offered in two styles, full or cropped headed, both in 11mm or 22mm lengths and are made from aluminium, therefore eliminating rust and provide a long life. The full headed series is intended for the construction of most aluminium greenhouses, whereas the cropped headed style provides an opportunity of attaching items to the frame once it is assembled.

11mm: Pack size: 15, 50 or 500

22mm: Pack size: 15

Door Wheels

Fingertip door operation is provided by plastic door wheels with self-lubricating ball bearings which are available in two sizes: 28mm or 32mm (28mm is the most widely used).

Pack Size 2 including fixings

Standard Features

Double lock

Double Lock