Slimline Heater

The Slimline Greenhouse & Shed Heaters are one of the most energy efficient ways of providing low-cost ambient heating and frost protection and preventing dampness and condensation in a range of outbuildings, greenhouses, cold frames, sheds, garages and conservatories. 

The heaters are designed to use far less electricity than fan heaters and are cleaner than paraffin heaters. Energy usage is kept to a minimum with a built-in thermostat which switches the heater off when the surrounding area gets too warm.  

The space-saving design makes the heaters suitable for use where space is at a premium, with the units able to be operated either wall mounted or floor standing. Each heater is supplied with a 2m push-fit power cable with plug.

Soil Warming Cable

A soil warming cable is the ideal way to propagate seeds and cuttings in a greenhouse, bench or cold frame. The soil in a greenhouse takes time to warm up naturally but with a soil warming cable you are able to plant earlier and raise better specimens.

The cable is simply laid onto 5cm of sand and covered with a further 5cm of sand.

3m (10’) Length

Paraffin Big Red 2.5Kw

This is a very powerful easy to use greenhouse heater and is recommended for greenhouses of a minimum size of 10’ x 8’. This heater is economical to run and will burn continuously for 16 hours on one filling. Its capacity is 4.0 litres with a power output of 2.5KW.

Gas Blue Flame 1.9Kw

The blue flame is 1.9KW and needs no electricity supply. The thermostatically controlled gas greenhouse heater comes complete with hose and regulator and is powerful enough to heat the larger range of greenhouses such as 20’ x 10’.

Paraffin – Super Warm 5

Ideal as a frost heater in larger greenhouses or for more concentrated use in a greenhouse up to 5 square metres, the Super Warm 5 boasts a 4.5 litre capacity fuel tank which will burn continuously for a staggering 3.5 days on one filling.